1. Cotton Patch

From the recording Waves on the Sea

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[Key of G, fiddle GDAE, banjo g-DGBD]
“Who doesn’t love a good Skillet Lickers tune? This one comes from a Bluebird 78 shellac disc, recorded in a hotel room in San Antonio, TX on March 29, 1934, and into my hands as an mp3 on an iTunes playlist c. 2002, during my time in middle Tennessee. I always love to hear the Tanner Brothers play together, especially on the few recordings with the less famed bandmate and mandolinist, Ted Hawkins. My band back then (The Rutherford County Stumblers), and the hillbillies I was around down there, really lived and loved that boisterous lifestyle as you’d imagine The Skillet Lickers would have.” --BV

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