Nate The Great & Brian Vollmer's Old-Time Variety Show

Folksinger, Juggler, and Grifter Nate "the Great" Marshall joins forces with banjo wizard and old-time famous fiddler Brian Vollmer. Their unique show features expert juggling of hats, rings, and balls to live banjo music, original folk songs and fiddle tunes, the grandest sing-alongs, lucky (unlucky) volunteers from the audience, a guitar on Nate's face, and a hat spinning atop a fiddle bow. Great for listening rooms, small theater stages, family audiences, pubs, schools, house concerts; you name it, they'll make it a fine ol'-time. 

A larger cast of Central-NY circus artists (Nate is an artist-in-residence at Ithaca, NY circus school, Circus Culture) and folk musicians (Brian and Nate play/have played with many Northeast folk bands) can be added to the show for larger stages/events. Like our facebook page!

Nate Marshall is an Ithaca, NY based folk artist, juggler, and entertainer. He has released 5 studio albums and a kids CD, alone and with his duo Nate & Kate. He is working on a new solo record (as Nate & The Family Band) due out in 2018 featuring Brian Vollmer and other top Central-NY musicians. He performs about 150 shows per year around the Northeast US and loves to shoot pool. For more on Nate The Great, visit

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