Hello! I'm a lifelong, passionate musician specializing in traditional Appalachian music. My expertice is in Bluegrass Scruggs style banjo, Old-Time Clawhammer banjo, and Old-Time fiddle styles. I grew up around and learned to play Bluegrass and Old-Time music with master musicians in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Not only do I love the music and culture of Southern Appalachia, I have an affinity for traditional music and culture across the globe. I am now based in Binghamton, NY where I continue to keep Traditional Appalachian music alive and well. In the surronding region, I immerse myself in the rich musical community by performing with various bands, teaching music lessons, leading engaging jam sessions, and I also add a lively touch to traditional dances here in Northern Appalachia. 

Thank you for checking out what I have to offer here on my website. You are welcome to see my current projects and upcoming events, a shop which includes my recordings and other merchandise, information on Vollmer Stringed Instrument Lessons, and also how to get in touch for bookings. My hope is to share my love for music and the vibrant culture of Appalachia, and that you may also find some solace in what I do.

Newly Weds

A break from our tour - Subate, Latvia, 2018

Step onto the front porch of my great grandfather's cherished family farm, where generations weathered the storms of history. Evicted by Russian troops during WWII, they endured imprisonment in Germany before being liberated by U.S. forces. A Latvian family's sponsorship led them to settle in the Greater Washington D.C. area, where "Popu" found work as a head doctor at a tuberculosis clinic. Amidst adversity, they forged ahead, their resilience echoing through the generations. Meanwhile, on the porch that remained, we found deep comfort in the music, happily playing our tunes for distant cousins that afternoon keeping alive the spirit of the house that stood as a testament to our enduring legacy.

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