From the recording Waves on the Sea

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[Key of D, fiddles ADAE, banjo a-DADE]
“I learned this ‘Round Peak’ tune from Nancy Sluys (who learned it from another friend, Richard Bowman) at a festival outside of Pittsboro, NC (a few years ago jamming by the hospitality food line). When I see Nancy once or twice a year, I usually say: “Hey, teach me a tune!” These are the ones I usually tend to never forget. The earliest source recording I could find is that of Taylor & Stella Kimble of Laurel Fork, VA on their Marimac Recordings cassette named Carrol County Pioneers. As Taylor learned it from his kinfolk, we still do that today. One can certainly see how the folkway works then--how isolated tunes like this survive and make it up to New York and around the world. This music really is a Folk Tree.” --BV

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