Dec. 1st

Up In The Batten House -
Adam Hurt & Beth Williams - Bill Cheatham
Binkley Brothers' Dixie Clodhoppers - Give Me Back My Fifteen Cents
E.C. Ball - Virginia Rag
The Stonemans - Where The Soul of Man Never Dies
White Horse Breakdown - The Pilot Mountain Bobcats
Nobody's Hard Up But Me - Triple CHicken Foot
Tom & Jeremy - What is A Home Without Love
Joe Meadows - Done Gone
Dan Levenson - Banjo Tramp
Rayna Gellert - The Cruel Mother
BeauSoleil - La Danse de la Vie
Rafe Stefanini - California Blues
Mountain Music Project - My Home Is Across The Blue Ridge Mountains
U.S. Senator Robert Byrd - Red Bird
The Weems Creek Ramblers - Girl I Love Don't Pay Me No Mind
Soundwagon - Leake County Blues
Rafe Brady - Cherokee Rose
John Salyer - Gilda Roy
" - Barlow Knife
Snowflake Breakdown - Snake Chapman
Rev. Rassie Moore - Death Is Coming Back After You
Ray Brothers - Jake Leg Wobble
Bummer's Reel - Marty Dadario
Out of The Mountains - Shout Little Lulie
Doug Walin - Omie Wise
Olla Belle Reed - High On A Mountain
Dixon Brothers - Rambling Gambler
Georgia Yellow Hammers - Kiss Me Quick
Wilson Douglas - Walking in The Parlor
Beverly Smith & Carl Jones - I'm Going to the West
Seven Foot Dilly - The Old Ark's A'Moving
Kentucky String Ticklers - Leaving Here Blues

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