Old-Timey Radio Show - March 30, 2014

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Track - Artist; Source

Bad Liquor - Grayson County Daredevils; Staggerin Blues
Old Westside - The Tillers; Hand on the Plow
Up In The Batten House - Up In The Batten House; Old Time Music of Southwestern Pennsylvania
Chilly Winds - The Legacy of Tommy Jarrell; Volume 4 Pickin' On Tommy's Porch
The Merry Girl - " "
Brushy Fork of John's Creek - Art Stamper; Good Bye Girls I'm Going to Boston
Time Is Possibility - Stolen Thyme; Time is Possibility
Cabin on the Hill - VW Boys; Listen To The Music
Lost Girl - Rafe Stefanini; Hell and Scissors
Goodbye Liza Jane - The Legend of Charlie Poole; Volume 3, Original Recordings 1926-1930
The Last of Callahan - Brad Leftwich and the Hogwire Stringband; Rascal Fair
I've Got a Bulldog -  Brad Leftwich and the Hogwire Stringband; Rascal Fair
Monkey On A Dogcart - Dan Levenson; Leaving Home
Alone In My Rocking Chair - Lena Hughes, Rural Parlor Guitar, Recordings From 1967-1971
Poor Ellen Smith - Rich In Tradition; Black Mountain Special
Midnight Fire Alarm - Earl Blair; Rural Parlor Guitar, Recordings From 1967-1971
No Expectations - Bill Keith
Howdy In Hickman County - Joe Meadows; Mountains, Rivers, and Meadows
Lonesomeville - Rich In Tradition; Lonesomeville
India on the Steeple - Stephanie Jenkins
Sugar Hill - Dix Freeman; Step Back, from Toenail Gap
Drink More Cider - Jimmy Johnson's String Band; KY Mountain Music, Classic Recordings of the 1920s and 30s
How To Make Love - Southern Moonlight Entertainers; Times Ain't Like They Used To Be: Early American Rural Music
Ginseng Blues - Kentucky Ramblers
Black Jack David - Carter Family
Mississippi Echoes - Ray Brothers; MS Stringbands Volume 2
I Feel A Heartache Coming On - Siamese Cousins; 2 Chairs, No Waiting
I Overlooked An Orchid - Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass; Road Into Town
Chere Bassette - Balfa Brothers; The Balfa Brothers Play Traditional Cajun Music
My True Love - ""
Rocky Mountain - Bruce Molsky and Big Hoedown; The Art of Old-Time Mountain Music
A Coversation With Death - Lloyd Chandler; The Art of Old-Time Mountain Music
Smoke Behind The Clouds - Skillet Lickers
Four Thousand Years Ago - Skillet Lickers

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